Overwatch 2 teases “more compelling” rewards to spend Competitive Points on

cassidy mccree with ow2 golden gunBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players tired of having to spend their Competitive Points on just golden guns could soon have far more options.

Since the release of Overwatch, players have been earning Competitive Points for wins, ties, and their best placement during the season in order to unlock golden guns.

While many OW2 players have grown tired of golden guns being the only reward for their favorite heroes, that could finally be changing in the next few months.

During a recent live stream, Overwatch 2 producer Jared Neuss was asked about ways to make the competitive experience better, leading to some comments about updated rewards.

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“More compelling” Overwatch 2 Competitive rewards in the works

Neuss didn’t beat around the bush and claimed that the team could offer some better rewards than what’s currently on the table.

“I think we all know there’s a lot more we can do there, I guess is what I would say, so we’re interested in making rewards a little more compelling,” he said.

Although Neuss refused to say more, there are certainly no shortage of options available for possible rewards. Skins, highlight intros and weapon charms could all be nice additions.

Interestingly, as Dexerto reported, Blizzard job listings have suggested new types of cosmetic rewards are in development, so it’s possible that players could be getting something totally unique.

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As for when new rewards will be announced, nothing is confirmed – but hopefully we’ll have some news at the start of Season 4, which will also be introducing a “cute” support hero with exciting mechanics never before seen in OW2.