Overwatch 2 streamer under fire for dominating as Kiriko without ever healing

DPS kiriko in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

An Overwatch 2 streamer is facing backlash from the community after an unranked to GM challenge without ever healing as Kiriko.

Overwatch’s infamous unranked to GM challenges have been a hot topic since the first game with streamers taking a new account from the lower ELOs all the way to Grandmaster.

While these challenges are already controversial, Twitch streamer ‘Kayjii’ took things a step further by never using Kiriko’s Ofuda to heal and instead only making use the other tools in her kit.

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This has irked the community the wrong way, but Kayjii has dominated games despite the handicap and accusations of throwing games by trying to make the game harder.

Overwatch 2 streamer wrecks foes with DPS Kiriko

Although Kayjii faced backlash for the challenge, clips from his stream show that he was quite proficient as making use of Kiriko’s damage, especially with the unique headshot multiplier.

In one clip, the Twitch streamer made use of a Nano Boost and Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush ultimate to deal immense amounts of damage.

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The combination of headshots, Nano’s 50% damage increase and Kitsune Rush’s buff to Kiriko’s fire rate, Kayjii was able to take down four members of the enemy team in an instant.

Despite Kayjii going on an impressive win streak, some questioned his decision. Former OWL coach John Galt discussed the challenge and pondered if it was considered throwing to set crazy conditions.

“I would never do this in GM+ games. and plan to stop and not do it again as soon as I’m finished,” Kayjii responded, adding that he only tried this challenge because of how easy it is for him to reach GM.

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“I don’t do this to throw; I do it as practice for myself and to test my limits, and so far I’m still able to carry, climb, and win the majority of my games despite the handicap. I would have stopped this “challenge” instantly if I was deranking and losing the majority of my games.”

The streamer added that another reason he did this was due to a lack of content, but noted that he was excited for the upcoming cute support hero that is set to debut in Season 4.

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With only days until Season 4 begins, hopefully this bizarre challenge can be put to rest for good.

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