Overwatch 2 story cinematics seemingly leak ahead of PvE campaign launch

ow2 pve campaignBlizzard Entertaiment

A pair of cutscenes from Overwatch 2’s upcoming PvE mode has seemingly leaked ahead of the story campaign’s official launch.

Overwatch 2’s 5v5 multiplayer is finally out and free-to-play for everyone, but the core PvE content is still scheduled to release in 2023 and we may have gotten one of our first looks.

Not much is currently known about Overwatch 2’s campaign, but the general synopsis is that Null Sector – the enemies from the Uprising Archives mission in OW1 – have returned and our heroes will need to reunite to save the world.

Now, images of two cinematics from the upcoming campaign have appeared showcasing key members of the anthesis Overwatch group Talon along with Orisa have surfaced.

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(Note: possible spoilers for OW2’s campaign ahead)

Overwatch 2 campaign cutscenes may have leaked

In a post on Reddit, user ‘Stunning-Recording92’ posted three photos claiming they were taken from the PvE mode.

All three images have data on them, with the first one seemingly part of a mission or cinematic name ‘Reunion’ while the other two are labeled “HON2120.”

In the first image, there seems to be a Talon meeting where both Moira and Sigma are seated side-by-side with the doctor telling someone that the tank is “not ready for field duties.”

This seemingly implies that there will be missions in OW2 where players will get to take control of Talon.

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The other two images showcase a conversation between Orisa and Doomfist where the gauntlet-wielder claims that he has taken her place as the “protector of Numbani” leading the Omnic to call his destiny “as bad as Talon.”

Interestingly, both Orisa and Doomfist appear to be talking on the Temple of Anubis map, a location that has been removed from the game for the sequel as it was part of the 2CP mode.

Overwatch 2 PVEBlizzard
The original Overwatch 2 reveal in 2019 showcased a PVE experience we’re still yet to see come to fruition.

So far, users are split on the authenticity of the leak with some taking issue with the quality of the screen with Orisa and Sigma. However, the Orisa portion has received praise for how it appears.

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Of course, even if these are real, they may not be the finished product, so we’ll have to see what Blizzard has in store for us in the months ahead.

In the meantime, players hoping for some PvE action should check out the new Junkenstein’s Revenge Halloween mode on October 25 as it promises to be much different than the original Overwatch’s incarnation.