Overwatch 2 Pride Month in the works after Lifeweaver reveal

overwatch 2 pride monthBlizzard

Following the reveal of Overwatch 2’s first openly pansexual hero, Lifeweaver, Blizzard announced plans to celebrate Pride Month this year.

Niran PruksaManee, aka Lifeweaver, constitutes the latest Support character to join the Overwatch 2 roster. He’s also being described as the brand’s first openly pansexual character, someone whose identity will play a central role throughout in-game interactions.

While other Overwatch heroes like Tracer provide queer representation, their backstories in relation to their identities rarely receive mention in-game. For example, learning about Tracer’s home life with her girlfriend, Emily, requires fans to delve into Overwatch’s comics or other forms of cross-media.

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It’s understandable since much of the story comes to life outside of the game world. However, members of Overwatch’s LGBTQ+ community feel that a failure to plainly state a character’s queer identity can engender toxicity. Blizzard is addressing these criticisms and more with the introduction of Lifeweaver.

Pride Month plans teased after Overwatch 2’s Lifeweaver reveal

During a recent roundtable interview attended by Dexerto, Blizzard developers confirmed that a Pride Month celebration for OW2 is in the works.

The studio has yet to detail its plans since Pride Month isn’t until June, yet fans can expect news of some kind in “the middle or end of May.”

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overwatch 2 pride monthBlizzard
Lifeweaver joins officially joins the OW2 roster on April 11.

Depending on what Blizzard has in mind, Overwatch 2’s mysterious Pride Month celebration could go a long way in reinforcing the brand’s queer-friendly status.

Until then, players can step into the shoes of Lifeweaver when he becomes available during Season 4’s launch on Tuesday, April 11. Information about the new Battle Pass and the like presently remains under wraps for the time being.

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