Overwatch 2 players want to copy Call of Duty SR feature for competitive

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Overwatch 2 players are interested in seeing the developers implement CoD Modern Warfare 2’s new ranked “Demotion Protection” and SR features in competitive play.

Modern Warfare 2’s ranked play has finally been announced and it has some very big features to protect players from losing SR and being demoted down a tier, especially due to leavers.

With Demotion Protection, players won’t lose any SR when within the first three games they play when they enter a new division, meaning you won’t derank as easily.

CoD’s Skill Rating Forgiveness feature makes it so that if someone quits or disconnects in the middle of a match, all team members outside of that player’s party will not lose any SR – something OW2 players are a fan of.

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Overwatch 2 players interested in CoD ranked disconnection feature

In a post on Reddit, users were asked about what they thought about MW2’s ranked features and plenty figured they would work well in Overwatch.

“Thought it was a nice feature considering my experience in new ranks has been absolute annihilation until I’m demoted back,” one commented. “Wanted to see if it would work for OW since I keep seeing general displeasure with the rank system.”

Although some players were unsure about the effect Demotion Protection would have on their games, the SR Forgiveness feature was a big hit. Currently, in Overwatch, if a player on your team leaves a match and you lose, your SR loss would be the same as it would be if the game continued as a 5v5.

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“Don’t really care about this, but I do care about the other protection they added…no rank loss if a teammate leaves mid-game,” a user remarked.

“The only thing they need to do for ranked is not punish people if someone on your team leaves during a match,” another said. “Even Guild Wars 2’s ranked PvP doesn’t cause you to lose rating points if someone leaves.”

It remains to be seen if the Blizzard devs will end up implementing this in a future update, but with plenty of changes planned for ranked play, there’s always a chance some of these are in the works.

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