Overwatch 2 players want Pokemon crossover skins after OPM anime collaboration

An Overwatch 2 collaboration with One Punch Man inspired community members to create their own Pokemon crossover ideas.

In the Overwatch 2 Season 3 trailer, players received an unexpected announcement. Starting on March 7, players can unlock a skin that transforms Doomfist into Saitama, the protagonist from the hit-anime One Punch man. The developers confirmed there would be multiple OPM skins, including Mumen Rider as Soldier 76.

The unexpected crossover led community members to pitch other anime cosmetics. For example, one Reddit user proposed Full Metal Alchemist skins, transforming Ashe and B.O.B into Alphone and Eric.

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Pokemon community members put their heads together and shared a long list of creative Overwatch 2 crossover ideas.

Overwatch 2 players dream of Pokemon crossover event

overwatch 2 doomfist one punch man collabBlizzard
It’s possible we see more big collabs in the future with Overwatch 2’s current success.

An artist on Reddit created a Kiriko and Pikachu crossover. The hero’s Ultimate Ability summons a fox spirit, and the collaboration would replace the fox and have her use a Pokeball to summon a Pikachu spirit instead.

Players loved the idea and went wild with crossover ideas.

One user suggested, “I think a Pikachu Hammond that rolls around in a giant Pokeball would be pretty cool to see.”

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A brilliant idea was a Misty and Hanzo collaboration. Hanzo’s Dragonstrike Ultimate ability would launch a giant Gyarados instead of a dragon.

With so many Pokemon to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Other good nominees included Ramattra as Machoke and Zenyatta as Hitmonlee.

A second player argued, “the Pokemon Company is very protective of their IP traditionally. We can dream, though.”

Fortnite is the king of ambitious crossovers, capturing the likes of Spiderman, Star Wars, Dragon Ball, and the Walking Dead.

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Since even Fortnite hasn’t been able to get a Pokemon crossover, a third community member argued the chances are slim for an OW2 collaboration.

We will provide an update when we learn more about OW2’s OPM event.