Overwatch 2 players want Pharah banned as bug gives her ultimate in just seconds

pharah in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Many Overwatch 2 players are calling for Blizzard to remove Pharah from the game due to a bug that’s causing her to get ultimate charge much faster.

Pharah is one of Overwatch’s original heroes, with the DPS character capable of dealing heavy damage in the air with her rockets, making her a massive threat for teams without hitscan heroes.

She can be even more troublesome on console, where players lack the precise accuracy of a mouse and keyboard, making a Pharah / Mercy combo a major pain to deal with in the medal ranks.

Sadly, she’s even more powerful lately, and it’s all because of a bug that causes Pharah’s Rocket Barrage ultimate to come online far faster, because it’s requiring less points to charge.

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Players want Pharah banned from Overwatch 2

As explained by Twitch streamer Karq, currently, Pharah only needs 1600 points to build her ultimate – 500 less than it actually should require.

“You only need to hit 11 rockets to get your ult,” he explained after doing some testing.

This bug has caused players to demand she be pulled from the game, just as other glitchy heroes have such as Bastion, Torbjorn, and most recently, Mei.

In a post on Reddit, some players requested Blizzard pull her from the game.

“Why are Tracer and Pharah not removed from ranked while they fix the issues with them that are being exploited?” a player suggested. “Just had a game where Pharah built three ults on one control map before the percentage hit 99-0.”

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“Pharah is so annoying dude. I get the ult so quick it’s stupid when I pick her,” one commented.

While others remarked that Pharah’s ultimate is rather weak, because it puts her in a vulnerable positon, others argued the devs were playing favorites with what heroes were disabled.

Blizzard will be addressing plenty of heroes when Season 2 goes live on December 6 with a series of buffs and major adjustments, but until then, it seems like Pharah will remain a dominant force in the skies that players will need to be wary of.