Overwatch 2 players want original Sombra design to become Kiriko Legendary skin

Sombra looking up before disposing of enemy guards during Talon mission.

The Overwatch 2 community has called for Blizzard to turn the original Sombra design into a legendary skin for Kiriko.

Sombra was first added to Overwatch in 2016 debuting as a Mexican hacker named Olivia Colomar who could cancel other heroes’ abilities. Although that was the version of her that made it to live, all heroes go through several design phases before being finalized. For example, the early concept art of Mercy shows that the angelic healer started out as a man.

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Similarly, Sombra was not always Mexican, and now the Overwatch community has decided that the hacker’s original design should become a skin for a different character altogether.

OW2 players think Sombra’s early design would make for a great Kiriko skin

Redditor Ne0stradamus posted a thread showing off an original design for Sombra where the Mexican hacker was instead a Japanese fashionista called Omniblade. Omniblade attacked using daggers called kunai, a concept that would later be reused for Kiriko.

In response to the thread, several members of the Overwatch 2 player base agreed that Sombra’s original design would make for a spectacular Kiriko legendary skin.

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One user responded in admiration of Sombra’s early design: “Holy sh*t I may be willing to pay if they release a skin like this. It’s actually pretty cool how different a hero can come out from their initial design and the one they decide to release.”

Another player believes this would be a big improvement over how Kiriko currently looks: “Wow, this is way cooler than Kiriko’s design which in my opinion is one of the weakest in the game.”

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Although not sold on Sombra’s original design, one Overwatch 2 fan acknowledged that it could work for Kiriko: “Thank God they didn’t give Sombra this horrible design, but it could maybe be good for Kiriko if they cleaned it up a bit in-game.”

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