Overwatch 2 players want devs to rework Ramattra’s “blinding” ultimate

Ramattra using his ultBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players are calling on devs Blizzard to rework Ramattra’s ultimate because of how blindingly bright it can be in matches.

Anybody who has played Overwatch can tell you that it is a visually cluttered game. Take a screenshot of a normal teamfight and it can be extremely hard to know what is going on to any casual player. 

Players are now asking the devs to fix the chaotic clutter which Ramattra’s ult produces. Ramattra’s ult, Annihilation, creates a radius within the Hero which damages any enemy caught in it. And it is very bright. 

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Overwatch 2 players call for Ramattra ultimate rework

In a Reddit thread, user u/MonkiFlip420 started a discussion on the visual clutter Ramattra’s ult causes. Saying because of how chaotic it is, it can be hard to see what abilities are being used which aren’t his. 

This opened the floodgates to players voicing their problems with Ramattra’s ult. For one, a player pointed out that because of how much the Hero model glows in his ult, it can be hard to discern if he was Nano’d by an Ana.

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Another commenter talked about the ult’s radius, and how it can be quite hard to see its damage radius. As at times it can be worth staying in his radius trying to kill him if the Ramattra is completely alone. 

And others also talked about how loud his ult voice lines are when using it, with many others making fun of how unbearably loud it is. 

Visual clutter has been a long discussed problem in Overwatch, even from its early days. And with more additions to the Hero roster, with more visuals needed to distinguish from one another. Things might get more chaotic. 

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