Overwatch 2 players want answers about Brigitte changes

brigitte shieldbashes junkratBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are not happy with the state of Brigitte’s ‘Repair Pack’ skill which can be accidentally wasted on teammates who have full health.

Brigitte has been on the mind of Overwatch 2 devs for a while now, as they have been teasing a rework to her ultimate ability. But, some players argue more of her kit needs a rework after previous changes.

One user of the Overwatch Reddit questioned why can Brigitte heal teammates who have a maxed-out health bar, if she no longer can provide “overheal” or, as it was previously known, armor effects.

“There are only three packs and the player still misses, healing an ally with full health. Why Anna’s darts can fly though teammates, while Brigitte has this rudiment,” further explains the user in his thread.

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Discussion about the state of Brigitte skills spices up

Many of the users were quick to point out a useful application of being able to heal someone who’s already at full HP.

“As it heals for 2 seconds, this can be useful as a pre-healing, premeditating possible damage to one of your allies,” writes one of the users before following up: “In fact, this could even be a good idea, to add an option in the menus to heal allies already with full HP.”

Other members of the community were not so positive about this “feature”, simply calling it an omission by the devs.

“Why? Because she got nerfed, not reworked. They didn’t bother really thinking about it any further,” states one player in the discussion. Another also adds: “Ana’s bullet also heals over time, but doesn’t have this feature.”

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Whether or not this is how the ability is meant to work, or if it’s a miscalculation by the devs that will be squashed down the line, all we can do is wait and see. Season 3 is right around the corner, and it could bring some surprising changes to Brigitte and other heroes of Overwatch.