Overwatch 2 players torn over the “inconsistency” of Reinhardt’s Charge


Overwatch 2 players are torn over the inconsistency of Reinhardt’s Charge, following many other debates regarding troublesome Hero abilities in the game. 

Overwatch is an incredibly chaotic game at the best of times, with dozens of abilities going off all at once during a normal team fight. Unfortunately, that means not all abilities are fully polished. We’ve seen as much recently, with Cassidy’s Deadeye seemingly missing at random, as just one example.

Now players are upset over the inconsistency of Reinhardt’s Charge after a Reddit user posted a compilation of them somehow missing pins which should have resulted in direct hits.

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As a result, players are giving their own similar examples while questioning why it’s so inconsistent, and if the devs are ever going to fix this issue which has been present since the game’s release.

Some players debated why the Charge at times could pin an enemy who is just next to Reinhardt, and why it can just completely miss an enemy right in its path. 

One player pointed out that Rein’s Charge hitbox tends to favor enemies on his left, while bouncing enemies on his right side. That issue was also recently brought up by streamer and Top 500 Rein main, Flats

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Meanwhile, another user pointed out it could be another case of “favor the shooter”. That is a term used by Overwatch players where shots that look as though they missed, actually connected with the target. This is because of the game’s lag compensation, although it may look like it didn’t hit, the game engine registered it as a hit.

Instead, they propose the problem with the Charge could be the reverse of that. Where it visually looks as if it should have hit, but the game engine does not register it. That is one of the main problems which Cassidy’s Deadeye has, so this possible explanation carries weight.

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We’ll just have to wait and see if this particular gripe is ironed out in the coming weeks and months as Overwatch 2 continues to roll on.