Overwatch 2 players think secret map name change is connected to new game mode

Nepal in OW2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players may have uncovered a clue hinting at an upcoming game mode thanks to a secret name change on an existing map.

The second Overwatch 2 beta is almost wrapped up, but players are still discovering new interesting things hidden inside. Multiple new voice lines, interactions and updates to maps have all been found.

Now, it seems as if one of Overwatch’s classic maps has had one of its core areas mysterious renamed. In Overwatch’s King of the Hill/Control modes, each area has its own map name and one of them has been changed in the beta.

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In a post on Reddit, users discussed how Nepal Village had been secretly changed to Nepal Highrise for seemingly no reason.

Overwatch 2 map change may hint at new game mode

Spotted by user ‘Much_Cellist_4374,’ the developers changed the name of Nepal Village, leading the Redditor to suggest if this is connected to a rumored new game mode.

Some players agreed. In the comments, was remarked that, “there was some stuff a bit ago about a new game mode set in a different map on the other side of the Nepal mountains, maybe it’s related to that.”

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“They probably changed it to fit the new lore/story they’ve made for OW2,” another wrote.

NepalBlizzard Entertainment
Players think Overwatch 2’s map name change might be related to a new game mode.

As Dexerto previously reported, French content creator Potxeca spoke with the Overwatch 2 devs who claimed that Nepal would be getting a map expansion called “Shambali Temple.”

This map would apparently be one of the “biggest ever made” and will be used for a completely new game mode, but it’s unknown what its objective will be.

Whether or not this new map is the reason why Nepal Village was renamed isn’t clear currently, but with Overwatch 2 seemingly expanding on its existing locations, it will interesting to see if other maps are renamed when the third beta eventually begins.

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