Overwatch 2 players want April Fools feature to be permanent

April Fools Winston in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players demand Blizzard Entertainment make the April Fools character voice lines and abilities permanent following their popularity.

On March 31, Blizzard unveiled its “Very Serious” patch notes to celebrate April Fools’ Day. In Overwatch 2’s Arcade mode, users heard limited-time unhinged voice lines for every character. Additionally, players gained access to new abilities and kept 50% of their ultimate charge when switching heroes.

Also, the characters’ googly eye appearance was icing on the cake. The community’s widespread appreciation of the April Fools patch notes led some players to hope Blizzard would consider keeping the feature.

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Overwatch 2 April Fools voice lines are too perfect for giving up

Overwatch 2 AnaBlizzard

As for notable ability improvements under the “Very Serious” patch notes, Genji can heal himself by spamming “I need healing.” Furthermore, Reinhardt can now fly while charging, and the range of Roadhog’s Chain Hook was increased by 50%.

On the Overwatch subreddit, Reddit user 168574 proposed Blizzard kept the April Fools voice lines but under different circumstances. 168574 suggested a 1% chance for heroes to say the special version, but only during Quick Play and Arcade modes.

In the comment section, users shared their favorite moments of the April Fools patch.

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“The ‘it’s half past 6’ line from Cass was the best part about it,” Ok-Helicopter735 wrote.

qxrt remarked, “My favorite so far is Hanzo’s “NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.”

Working-Telephone-45 suggested that players should be able to turn the April Fools voice lines on locally. “Like turning on an ‘April’s Fools’ mode so you hear those voice lines, but everyone else doesn’t,” the user proposed. “I really hope we don’t have to wait until next year to hear the voice lines again.”

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In previous April Fools Days, Blizzard introduced several wacky features. In 2021, Mei transformed into a Tank with a ton of health, and Cassidy obtained an ammo refund with every headshot. In 2020, Overwatch added googly eyes to heroes and features like Hanzo’s dragons.

Considering Blizzard will unlikely keep unhinged voice lines, players should enjoy them until they end on an undetermined date.

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