Overwatch 2 players slam Paladins for “copying” Ramattra

rammatra overwatch nyx paladinsBlizzard/ Hi-Rez Studios

Overwatch 2 players have slammed Paladins after noticing that their newest champion shared a few similarities to their most recent hero Ramattra.

Overwatch 2 and Paladins have competed against one another in the hero shooter genre for a while now, both hosting a diverse range of characters for players to take down their enemies with. Both games were originally released back in 2016, with content in the form of heroes and maps being slowly released into the game as time went on.

As hero shooters, Overwatch and Paladins have consistently been criticized for taking ideas off of one another. Overwatch players have particularly accused Paladins of copying several hero ideas or having their champions be mishmashes of Overwatch kits.

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The next champion under fire from the Overwatch community is Nyx, who seemingly has a similar kit to the Omnic tempo tank Ramatra, released in Season 2 of Overwatch 2. Nyx, whilst looking completely different from Rammatra, has abilities that seem to function like Rammatra’s, making their playstyle rather comparable.

In terms of abilities, Nyx has a temporary barrier that can be placed in front of them, similar to Ramatra’s. Nyx’s attacks are also punches that deal damage to anyone it lands on.

Players have also noticed Ramatra’s E and ultimate being reprised in Nyx’s kit. Nyx is able to fire out a projectile that pulls and slows enemies, which eventually explodes. Finally, her F ability creates a damaging aura around her, which shares a likeness to Ramatra’s ultimate.

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Overwatch 2 players criticize Paladins’ Nyx

Overwatch players were quick to criticize the Paladins champion, sarcastically commenting on Paladins’ past work.

“Yeah, I mean Paladins has NEVER copied Overwatch before….” one commenter touted.

Some defended Paladins, stating that they thought it was the better of the two games.

Others explained that it was unlikely that Nyx was a copy of Rammatra, and that the similarities were purely coincidence.

It’s uncertain whether or not Nyx and Ramatra are copies of one another, with neither Blizzard nor Hi-Rez studios coming forward to comment on the matter. Because of this, it’s likely the two will just go down in history as uncannily similar.

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