Overwatch 2 players shocked after realizing how long it takes to get free legendary skins

roadhog and reaper legendary skins in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 features a ton of legendary skins and they represent some of the flashiest and most stylish outfits for the game’s Heroes. Getting them isn’t a walk in the park though, and players have worked out how long it takes to obtain one for free.

While the gameplay side of things is what players crave when it comes to Overwatch 2 – cosmetics don’t hurt either. From emotes to voice lines there is so much content for players to obtain. But the standout aspect of additional cosmetic content has to be skins.

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If you main a character(s), then you typically want yours to be unique, or to be able to show your commitment to them. So, procuring a legendary skin for a Hero is a good, albeit costly, way of doing this.

The best skins in the game understandably require a hefty amount of Overwatch 2 currency, and players have crunched the numbers on what exactly is required.

Legendary skins take a long time to earn in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 coins are a premium currency in the game and can only be obtained in one of two ways: earning them through weekly challenges, or buying them with real money.

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Thankfully, weekly challenges are free and don’t cost anything. So you’d think that as long as you grind these out you should be able to afford a legendary skin. Well, not quite.

Legendary skins cost 1,900 Overwatch coins, and Twitter user Proto VI revealed how long it’s taken to earn that many coins to buy a legendary skin: “Just realized that if you have been doing all of your weekly challenges since launch and didn’t spend on any money at all for the game you would get to 1,900 coins – enough now to buy a legendary skin from the shop.”

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The Overwatch 2 player crunched the numbers and gave a startling answer as to how long precisely it takes to get one skin: “7-8 months (32-33 weeks).”

Some users were baffled by this revelation with one commenter saying: “That’s still not enough to buy the bundle, just the skin lmao,” and another adding: “This is sad, very sad.”

It’s an eye-opening realization and one player added: “And this would be the moment I would think to myself that “it will be worth it for the PvE” before this week.”

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The recent PvE news is still very much a touchy subject for Overwatch 2 fans after news broke that the game would be scaling back its original plans. Despite the matter being addressed by the devs, it’s done little to alleviate the frustration.

A reduction in legendary skin prices could be just what the doctor ordered to bring some users back onside.

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