Overwatch 2 players mock dwindling viewership as game struggles without Twitch drops

rammattra overwatch 2Blizzard

Overwatch 2 players have taken to Twitter to point out the game’s struggling viewership without the enticement of Twitch drops to lure in potential viewers.

Overwatch 2 is nearing the end of its second season, with the release of Rammattra and the new map Shambali Monastery, it’s maintained the game with enough content to keep players playing week over week.

Alongside the seasonal offerings, players were given various events with new game modes and skins to purchase. Another way in which players could receive new skins during these events, however, was through Twitch drops, in which they’d have to watch at least 6 hours of Overwatch 2 streamers on Twitch in order to receive the skin.

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After the most recent and arguably “worthless” Lunar New Year event, players have been quick to point out the sheer viewership decrease after the Twitch drops have disappeared.

Remy_OW pointed out in a recent tweet about the low viewership for the hero shooter on Twitch. Specifically stating the low viewership numbers were “without drops”.

Overwatch 2 has struggled with a slowly declining viewership base ever since the game’s release back in October 2022, starting at around 630k viewers and declining to now 14k as shown in Remy’s tweet.

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Viewership numbers are particularly low when there are no Twitch drops on offer to entice players into watching streams, as shown by SullyGnome.

overwatch 2 viewership chartSunnyGnome
Overwatch’s viewership seems to be declining outside of events.

However, players have pointed out that the game’s low viewership doesn’t exactly directly correlate to the game being dead, with many defending Overwatch stating that “it’s hard to follow if youre new, and most play [rather than] watch”.

We’re yet to see if Overwatch 2 is truly dead in the way player’s have been claiming, but the current viewership trends on Twitch are definitely worrying to fans of the game and Blizzard alike.

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