Overwatch 2 players identify the most stressful role in the game

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Overwatch 2 players have been discussing which role is the most stressful to play as, and surprisingly, it’s not support.

Between the three roles in Overwatch, there are a lot of responsibilities flying around. Support players need to keep everyone alive and react quickly to enemy engages. Tank players need to coordinate the team and soak up damage with expert positioning. Damage players need to click on things that move.

However, in recent days the community seems to have settled on one role being more stressful than the others, and it’s because of the current meta affecting its heroes so strongly.

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Tank role emerges as most stressful role in current Overwatch 2 meta

The current tank meta is not kind to players who want to lock in something that isn’t Orisa or Zarya. Roadhog players need to deal with the omnipresence of hard-counter Ana in nearly every game. Doomfist and Ball players will probably match against an Orisa, and on top of that, they have to play Doomfist and Ball. Life doesn’t get much tougher than that.

One player on the forums described it perfectly: “It is SO STRESSFUL to be a tank. It’s always been the hardest role in the game because you have to be the shot caller, and be aware of positioning and how the fight is going back to front.

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“You’re at the mercy of the skill level/competence of your team more so than the other 2 roles as they are there to support your plays and follow through more often than the other way around.”

What makes Tank more stressful than other roles is that there isn’t another player to pick up the slack. If you’re missing all your Widow shots, at least there’s another damage hero to lighten the burden on the team. If you’re underperforming as a tank, there’s no way to bridge that gap.

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Additionally, the power of tanks means shot-calling and engaging is usually down to you, and if you mess that up, it’s on you. There’s just more riding on the position. To make matters worse, Bastion is meta.

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