Overwatch 2 players hit out at ‘pay to lose’ Ashe skin in Season 3


Overwatch 2 players are criticizing the devs for creating what some are calling a ‘pay to lose’ Ashe skin which blocks some of the view when scoped in. 

Season 3 of Overwatch 2 is well underway, and a new Season of course means a slew of new skins. Many of them take inspiration from Japanese mythology, just like the new Raijin Ashe skin. But unfortunately, getting it might be a downgrade over the default option. 

When scoped in, a sizable portion in the middle of the player’s view is blocked by the gun. The model of the weapon of course changes with the Hero skin, and can’t be changed separately from the model skin. 

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Many players pointed out that the obstruction in the middle can cause them to not see enemies that they should already be able to see with the default skin equipped.

Ever since its recent release, players have already been reporting on forums and Twitter in order to alert Blizzard. One of the first instances came when a Reddit user posted on the Overwatch subreddit about the skin obstructing line of sight. 

And a player also tweeted at the developers on the same issue, this time with screenshots showing the line of sight block. Executive Producer of Overwatch, Jared Neuss, responded to the tweet saying he will discuss the problem with the team. 

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As of writing, the skin is still available for purchase from the Overwatch 2 store. The skin costs 1900 Overwatch coins, roughly $20 to purchase the required amount of coins.

Neuss gave another update shortly after, saying a fix for the skin should hit servers before the launch of Season 4 in April. This means as of writing, the issue is still present in the game and will be for the next few weeks.

He also announced that they will be giving out the name cards which were briefly advertised to come with the Raijin Ashes bundle within the next few weeks.