Overwatch 2 players furious as Halloween Terror skins given out as Twitch drops

Overwatch Halloween skin rewardsBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are disappointed the skin rewards for the Halloween event cannot be unlocked through playing the game but only via purchase or by watching a certain amount of Twitch streams.

One of the highlights of any Overwatch event is finding out what special skins will be available to unlock, with players lining up to grind the hours necessary.

However Overwatch 2‘s first major event, Halloween Terror 2022, which includes the Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of the Bride game mode, will not let players simply grind it out for the cosmetics. 

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For players wanting to get their hands on the new Halloween skins, they will have to pay for them or watch a certain amount of hours on Twitch. To earn these cosmetics, players will have to link their Battle.net accounts to their Twitch profiles and watch a qualifying channel for a set number of hours.

The Overwatch community has taken to Reddit to express their frustration at this decision. Players highlighted how many will be missing out on the classic Overwatch event experience and this change minimizes the exclusivity of event themed in-game skins and cosmetics.

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Werewolf WinstonYouTube: PlayOverwatch
Skins like the new Werewolf Winston can be unlocked via Twitch drops rather than grinding Overwatch 2, which has divided players.

Others have expressed how excited they were to unlocking the Overwatch Halloween skin rewards through in-game play: “One of my favorite parts of the first was playing a different hero just because I got cool event skin,” said one Reddit user.

Another added “event skins were the only thing keeping me playing over the last couple years. I never missed a single one and it almost felt like an obligation to maintain my streak after a while.”

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Outside of the cosmetics, Overwatch 2’s Halloween Terror 2022 event includes a brand new PvE mode, a spooky theme, and much more. The event will be running until November 8, 2022.