Overwatch 2 players demand return of SR numbers after deranking on win streak

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Overwatch 2 players were left stunned after deranking despite winning five straight games and want the new SR tier system reverted.

Since the release of Overwatch 2, players have been confused by the new SR tier system that replaced the numerical one from OW1 that would see their rank go up after a win or down after a loss.

However, with Overwatch 2, players only see a skill tier adjustment after either winning five games or losing fifteen, whichever comes first, and fans aren’t too pleased, especially when they derank on a win streak.

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In a post on Reddit, one user revealed that they ended up dropping from Diamond 4 to Diamond 5 despite winning five games in a row with zero losses, leading many to demand changes to the system.

Overwatch 2 players want old SR number system to return

The player, who posted a screenshot of their console update record of 5-0, further claimed that they had been “averaging at least 5000 more healing than the other supports” but still deranked.

“Why is this happening?” they asked.

Fellow players were quick to attack the ranking system, saying that they had experienced similar issues and were tired of what they viewed as a lack of transparency by Blizzard.

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“I’m so tired of this bullsh*t. Why can’t we get a number?” the post’s top-voted comment reads.

“We want the numbers back!” wrote another.

“This makes no sense. Is SR not zero-sum? Like MMR in other games?” inquired someone else.

new overwatch 2 ranked systemBlizzard Entertainment
There have been many issues with Overwatch 2’s ranked so far.

The situation is certainly confusing for players. The user in question who deranked is still higher than 97% of others in the tier, suggesting that they only narrowly dropped below their previous Diamond rank.

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Hopefully, Blizzard can provide more information to players about their ranks in a future update, but for now, the system has players convinced competitive was better before the upgrade to OW2.

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