Overwatch 2 players demand “faster” balancing fixes as ‘one-shot’ heroes run rampant

Overwatch 2 balancingBlizzard

Members of the Overwatch 2 community are calling out Blizzard for the ‘slow’ pace at which they are working through hero balancing, with many on Reddit expressing their frustration at how the game is still suffering from major balancing issues months after launch.

With Overwatch 2 now entering its first full year on the market, developer Blizzard is hard at work fixing up in-game bugs, glitches, and other issues after the game first dropped back in October 2022. 

And while many of OW2’s game-breaking issues have since been cleared up, the sequel is still facing backlash from players in regards to balancing issues between heroes and matches. A new Reddit thread, “OW2 needs faster balancing” has users once again explaining how they hope Blizzard is quick to fix some of the most alarming problems.

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“I’m Masters on DPS, and I’m tired of going against characters I don’t have a method of dealing with as an entire role,” began the original post, before going on to add that, “I can’t contest Roadhog, I can’t do anything [against]it. Yes, the changes are coming but we’ve suffered an entire season…It’s gotten to the point where you can consistently have an exact mirror match, with maybe 1 or 2 variations – just because why play anything else when it’s going to be hard countered by the same [characters] on their team who are always picked.”

The post then went into detail about how certain characters, like Widowmaker, have become almost impossible to match up against as well. “What’s my counter to Widow? Pick Widow and headshot her back. That’s all there is to it. Nothing else reliably contests Widowmaker. I’m getting so incredibly sad realizing how important the second tank role was to the balance of [Overwatch]. And before anyone says just get good, the reason Masters players are playing widow is because she’s a good character.”

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Other Overwatch players soon began flooding the thread with suggestions on how to help rework these balancing issues. One user explained how, “we’re seeing a lot of Widows because of a few factors, her health pool, the limited maps, and the terrible match-making. Doing the changes you’re suggesting would see things go back to how they were, with Widow not being a problem at all.”

Another pointed out how “Genji, Sombra, and then Doom and Tracer all being heavily nerfed after their respective times to shine also really adds to this.” Time will tell how and when Blizzard addresses these Overwatch 2 balancing issues but we’ll keep you posted right here with any new developments.

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