Overwatch 2 players demand custom hero announcers after hilarious Roadhog PachiMarchi event

Overwatch 2 RoadhogBlizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch community has called on the dev team to allow players to choose hero announcers for each game following their love of the Roadhog and Junker Queen announcer roles from recent events.

Overwatch 2 went live at the beginning of October 2022. And while the initial debut of the game was riddled with bugs and queue issues, the game has now begun running much smoother and has seemingly found its groove.

With new content being added in, consistent events, and much more on offer, the Overwatch 2 dev team at Blizzard seems committed to listening to player feedback and adjusting the Overwatch experience to tailor to players and the community.

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In a new Reddit thread, one Overwatch 2 player has expressed their desire to have the game offer up the chance to pick which hero announcers each game following Roadhog’s announcer role. Calling on the devs to make each and every character and option for this feature in a similar way to how “[Mortal Komba 11] did it.”

In theory, players could pick and choose their own custom announcers, perhaps even purchasing announcer bundles in the shop with Overwatch Coins.

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Overwatch 2 fans want custom announcer lines following Roadhog PachiMarchi event

This desire is in large part due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback from Roadhog’s announcement commentary that has gone viral online. Justin Groot, a senior writer and narrative designer for Overwatch 2, tweeted how this decision was a “spontaneous idea.”

“A lot of my proudest contributions to Overwatch 2 are little spontaneous impulses like this…What if Announcer Roadhog tries to introduce the heroes, but he doesn’t know most of their names, so he has to make stuff up?”

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This particular series of voice lines have been greatly appreciated by fans, with many hoping that the game similarly adapts the announcer dialogue to suit each specific hero and character.

Time will tell if the OW2 dev team listens to player feedback on this end and make this feature a standard issue.

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