Overwatch 2 players debate possible Kiriko nerfs after Sojourn hitbox changes

Overwatch 2 Kiriko short TV showBlizzard

Overwatch 2 players have begun theorizing about potential nerfs for Kiriko after patch notes on March 7 left her as one of the game’s strongest support heroes.

Kiriko has remained the most popular new hero introduced in Overwatch 2, with a 4.75% pick rate. Additionally, pro players have consistently ranked her as one of the game’s top support heroes, with a kit that heavily counters Ana, another popular support pick.

After last week’s patch notes made it easier to secure kills against Sojourn, another meta-defining hero, players have been speculating that similar nerfs could make Kiriko, who relies on the safety net her abilities provide, less dominant.

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One user highlighted that her hitbox could be increased in the same way Sojourn’s was, saying: “I’m not even complaining about Suzu or her ultimate, just make her easier to hit.”

“Literally, the number of Kiriko’s that get away with bad positioning, lack of awareness and bad aim just to be saved by her small hitbox and ridiculous kit is ridiculous.”

Another player even suggested that Protection Suzu could be changed to cleanse friendly buffs as well as enemy debuffs, so that Kiriko would have to coordinate with her team’s other support.

However, it was quickly pointed out that this could massively impact Ana’s Nanoboost ultimate, with one player commenting: “Using an ability that powerful should have drawbacks, but not to the point of enabling outright griefing.”

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Players also suggested changes to Suzu that removes the invulnerability it provides, replacing it with a damage delay.

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Kiriko has been consistently ranked as one of the top supports since release

Why is Kiriko so strong?

Kiriko’s strength lies in her safety and utility, both of which outmatch most of the other support heroes. In particular, her Protection Suzu enables her to heal, cleanse, and protect all four of her allies in one ability, while Swift Step gives her an instant escape teleport alongside a quick cleanse and a burst of invulnerability.

This freedom allows Kiriko to play more aggressively than other supports, and make full use of the bonus crit damage on her knives, which she can weave between heals, to go for picks.

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On top of that, her ultimate, Kitsune Rush, works extremely well with the current tank meta. Reinhardt and Ramattra both capitalize on the bonus movement speed and attack speed, as do hitscan heroes like Soldier 76 and Sojourn.