Overwatch 2 players call out Golden weapons for being “boring”

Overwatch Golden GunBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players have called out for new alternatives to Golden weapons, labeling the current ranked reward cosmetics as “boring”.

Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch has some of the best cosmetics out there, with plenty of skins, charms, emotes, and highlight introductions to help players strut their stuff if they choose to.

Overwatch’s sequel also brought about further cosmetic options, in the form of both souvenirs and player titles, to bring even more customization to players that wanted it.

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However, one thing that didn’t change when the game transitioned into its second entry was the Golden Weapons. Golden Weapons in Overwatch 1 and 2 are exclusive cosmetics that are only purchasable with Competitive Points.

These points can only be gained by competing in ranked seasons, with players earning points for a win or tie, with a bonus granted at the end of the season based on the player’s rank.

Golden Weapons have been in the game since its original launch. During that time players have farmed many many competitive points throughout the game’s 7 years of existence.

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As such, many players are bored of the cosmetic, and some have even capped out on the points completely reducing the specialty of the prestigious golden weapon.

Overwatch players express boredom over Golden Gun ranked cosmetic

The Reddit post “Golden weapons are boring now” expresses that certain veteran players have become disinterested in the system. Veteran players have likely played the game for many years, and wouldn’t have much to spend their competitive points on.

As such they’re looking for new ways to utilize their points and display their ranked prowess in-game in different ways.

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The post states that “if you play enough comp and even more if you reach high ranking every season, you’ll have enough point to unlock a golden weapon on a brand new character”.

In their eyes, they believe this makes the system redundant. Given that you “don’t even know if someone likes the character or is an intensive player that has too much points.” the post reads.

Players have expressed wanting a different form of reward for their competitive points for quite some time now, as many have felt that Golden Weapons are a tired cosmetic.

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Some have suggested implementing a new skin for each hero that’s tied to their achievements on the character. Others have suggested other variants of the golden weapon, such as silver and diamond.

Blizzard has yet to mention any other uses for competitive points as of the time of writing, so it seems that players might have to stay bored for just a little longer.

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