Overwatch 2 players call for removal of OG Hero that everyone “hates”

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Overwatch 2 features a packed roster full of hearty Heroes from past and present. One name, in particular, is souring the experience for many. Not only do players want them gone, but they’ve expressed their hatred for the Hero too.

The Overwatch 2 devs have been on the receiving end of some vitriolic words from the community as of late. The obvious PvE controversy aside, smaller issues such as an old-school OW1 Ana skin costing real money and matchmaking issues have left players feeling undeniably irritated.

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Not only that, but general gameplay is now in the firing line too. The Overwatch 2 Hero selections give players plenty of depth in all the main roles: Tank, Damage, and Support. One character is copping more flak than any other Hero though, with players asking for the Hero to be removed altogether.

Overwatch 2 Hero “doesn’t belong in a game like Overwatch”

In what might not be a surprise to many, Overwatch 2 players have outed the one Hero they feel simply feels out of place in the game – Widowmaker.

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The Sniper is an OW original, arriving with the release of the first game, but players have grown tired of her presence in both an attacking and defending sense.

In a Reddit post titled “If you were forced to remove any character from Overwatch 2, who would it be?” The OP outed her, and another top comment joined in: “Widow. She’s either good or bad. There’s no in-between. And it’s either frustrating to play against her / with her. No in-between either.”

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But the real hate toward Widowmaker was on display in another post titled: “I think I speak for all Tanks when I say: We hate Widows.”

Over 11K upvotes and 600 comments went on about how a bad Widowmaker effectively leaves a team with a disadvantage, and a top Widowmaker can keep one-shotting most Heroes – ruining the fun, especially if they have a healer.

“She doesn’t belong in a game like Overwatch. I feel they only added her for the ‘generic sniper character’” commented one user, and another added: “Everyone hates widow, Tanks are the only ones who can survive a single shot of hers.”

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Widowmaker has been one of the game’s biggest conundrums for the longest time. If the devs nerf her too much then she won’t get picked, but in her current state, players feel she’s unbalanced no matter how good or bad a player is.

If the Widowmaker discourse carries on, then Blizzard may have no choice but to address the much-maligned character. Players have also recently commented on features that are conspicuously absent from Overwatch 2.

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