Overwatch 2 players beg for Cassidy rework next as Damage hero slammed as most “unrewarding”

cassidy tanking a dva bomb in ow2Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are asking for a Cassidy rework as the DPS is slammed for the most “unrewarding” gameplay amid recent nerfs.

As part of the original 21 heroes released, Cassidy has been one of the game’s staple DPS heroes since the dawn of Overwatch. However, reworks haven’t been on the cards for him in the years since the game’s release. 

Since 2016, Cassidy’s kit has largely stayed the same, with the only notable change during the transition to Overwatch 2 being his flashbang replaced by the Magnetic grenade, however, it functioned quite similarly to the original albeit.

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And now that in Season 7 the devs have reworked two of Overwatch’s oldest characters for its second iteration, Sombra and Roadhog, players are asking for a potential Cassidy rework next. 

The discussion initially started on the Overwatch subreddit when a player opened up a conversation about Cassidy’s “unrewarding” gameplay, criticizing his damage output in comparison to other heroes. 

“I wish they’d just move away from this gimmicky close-mid range playstyle that no one enjoys,” the player wrote. “It’s just wild how hard he is outranged by other mid-range heroes.” 

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“There are always the comparisons to Ashe when you mention his terrible range, but we have to look at his power level compared to all hitscan. Even support hitscans out-damage him at range.” 

The player surmised that Cassidy needs a change to his primary fire to compensate for his lack of long-range damage ability, even if it means the complete removal of his grenade. 

This call comes as Cassidy has been receiving a steady amount of balance tweaks throughout the months, with most recently his grenade’s cooldown getting increased in a nerf. 

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Many players in the comments agreed with the sentiment, with one saying, “[Cassidy] was already struggling and then they nerf his cooldown with 0 compensation or explanation why. I don’t know anyone that actually thinks he was any good to begin with.”

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