Overwatch 2 players applaud new measures to take down cheaters and abusive chat

sojourn, kiriko, and junker queen in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

On September, 8, Blizzard reported introducing the “Defense Matrix” to Overwatch 2’s chat system, which players have loved.

Overwatch 2 is a competitive shooter that involves teamwork and communication, and some have reported that people have abused the communication features in the game to take out their frustration on others.

Newer and old players have mentioned that this has made them hesitant to play the game. Despite having had the opportunity to report other players, the Overwatch 2 community didn’t feel like Blizzard was taking the reported players seriously, and that there were no consequences for their actions.

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Since the introduction of the “Defense Matrix,” players feel that Overwatch 2 is becoming a safer environment and that they’re being listened to by the Developers.

What is the Defense Matrix?

Defense Matrix is a system built around Overwatch’s two principles: Fair is Fun and a Safe and Inclusive Social Experience.

Some features of the system are removing unfiltered chat and introducing different text chat options to the game, like mature and friendly chat settings.

The community also feels Overwatch 2 has started to listen to player reports.

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In a post by u/the_weakestavenger, they mentioned, “I’ve seen a huge increase in notifications from Blizzard that they’ve taken action on player reports”

Others chimed in and agreed with the OP and were happy about the changes: “Yes, it has been a big increase,” one player said.

“Very happy to see reports being taken more seriously and people actually being punished for toxic behavior. It’s only been this way for the past couple of weeks or so, but definitely a step in the right direction.” Another Overwatch 2 fan stated.

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But the response to the changes wasn’t all positive, as some players have started to exploit the changes to reporting: “It’s entirely exploitable and that’s why people are posting about getting silenced for utterly benign stuff” one Redditor complained.”

The Overwatch 2 community was happy with the changes that Blizzard made overall, and the game has started to creep back into positive favor after a shaky debut Steam launch.

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