Overwatch 2 players actually don’t want Blizzard to add this missing feature

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Overwatch 2 players have noticed that Blizzard has yet to implement a cosmetic feature into the sequel, and yet many hope they’ll never actually see it in the game.

Overwatch 2 launched with a whole bunch of new things for players to try out. From new heroes, maps, and game modes, the sequel revamped the original whilst adding a range of new features to spice it up.

One of the features added to Overwatch 2 came in the form of new cosmetics for your heroes. There were several cosmetics that were introduced into the game, including weapon charms, souvenirs, player cards, and even a new Mythic-rarity skin with customizable options.

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However, Overwatch 2 just so happened to launch without one particular cosmetic feature in the game, one that was showcased in trailers in the lead-up to launch: Banners.

Banners are exactly what you think they are, they’re a banner that your character will display similar to a souvenir. However, we’re yet to actually see them implemented in Overwatch 2.

It appears that some Overwatch 2 players aren’t too happy with the current iteration of banners, especially considering how similar they are to souvenirs, which many have already considered pointless.

“I don’t understand why they went with Souvenirs rather than just making them all weapon charms. I think I have only seen one person in 125 hours use a Souvenir.” a commenter pointed out.

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Players also brought up the fact that banners could potentially just be “banal filler” content for Activision Blizzard’s hero shooter, and that its only use could be to “pad out underwhelming Battle Passes”.

Taking into account that players need to purchase the Battle Pass each season to obtain goodies in the premium track, it appears a decent chunk of the community is simply hoping Blizzard never implements banners into the game in the first place.

We’re unsure of whether or not Blizzard will indeed be adding banners into Overwatch 2 come Season 3, but the player base is certainly hopeful Blizzard skips out on this one.

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