Overwatch 2 player spends 2,500 hours only on Mercy without ever doing damage

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A pacifist Overwatch 2 player has become a community icon after spending over 2,500 hours exclusively maining Mercy without ever whipping out her pistol to do damage.

Overwatch 2 is a game all about heroes and taking advantage of their abilities to overcome the enemy team. This sometimes means that switching characters is the only way to be successful, but one player has done the opposite.

Despite Overwatch’s emphasis on hero-switching and destroying the other team through the use of damage, a Mercy main has done the unthinkable by never once touching another character, much to the amazement of others.

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In May, an old 2018 OW1 screenshot surfaced showing a player named QB7 with over 800 hours on Mercy, which soon went viral on Reddit. A few days after, the player’s Overwatch 2 profile was discovered and the stats are even more absurd.

Overwatch 2 Mercy main racks up 2,500 hours with zero damage done

If you thought having 800 hours on Mercy in Overwatch 1 without ever doing damage was wild, well their OW2 numbers will completely blow your mind.

In total, QB7 was able to accumulate 2,490 hours on just Mercy across all modes with the majority being in quick play while 836 was in Competitive and 89 in the Arcade.

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“They still had 0 damage done all time, over 55% win rate on all modes, and honestly solid stats overall,” praised the Redditor who discovered the account.

Another interesting piece of info is that the Mercy main was able to unlock the Grand Master challenger title card, indicating that they’re extremely good at the game having reached the highest rank in at least one mode.

To reach GM on one hero is pretty impressive as it is, but to do so without ever doing damage is another story. Of course, while Mercy isn’t exactly supposed to have her pistol out, it isn’t a bad option, especially when using her Valkyrie ultimate.

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Still, this has to be one of the biggest commitments to a single hero we’ve ever seen so we can’t help but feel impressively shocked at the numbers.

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