Overwatch 2 player leaves mid-game to buy Ramattra after getting countered

ramattra on overwatch 2 illios mapBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 players are literally leaving games early to buy meta heroes they don’t have unlocked in order to counter what the enemy team is running.

Blizzard caused a lot of controversy when they first announced at Overwatch 2 heroes would only be available to Battle Pass subscribers when they’re released as many feared it would affect the competitive integrity.

Although we’ve only seen Kiriko and Ramattra locked behind a Battle Pass so far, with each new hero added, this problem could get worse and it seems to already be playing a factor in ranked.

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During a recent Twitch stream, support specialist ML7 was on Circuit Royal when his tank teammate didn’t have Ramattra unlocked to use against the enemy team’s Sigma. Needless to say, things weren’t going his way.

Overwatch 2 player quits game to buy Ramattra and rejoin match

On the attack, ML7’s team struggled to get through the enemy defense as their Widowmaker and Sojourn DPS made swift work of any push. Not to mention they were getting completely MTD’d.

Although their dive managed to be enough to get the payload close to the second checkpoint, the team was having a tough time, eventually leading to the tank player making a big change on defense.

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“I don’t have Ramattra unlocked on this account. Otherwise, we could play Ramattra comp,” the tank explained. “Wait, I’ll buy him.”

With that, the player left the game and returned shortly thereafter with Ramattra unlocked and ready to go.

This completely baffled ML7 who couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but was happy that the team now had a Ramattra to punch through their adversaries and they nearly ended up pulling off the win.

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Unfortunately, the hole was too big to climb out of and the streamer ended up losing the match, but as he noted, if they had Ramattra from the beginning they may have stood a better chance.

It will be interesting to see if these hero roster issues continue to get worse during Overwatch 2’s lifespan, but at least players won’t have to worry about this in Season 3 as it will be the first to not feature a new OW2 character.

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