Overwatch 2 player designs incredible ‘Banana Ana’ skin that Fortnite fans would love

Fortnite Peely skin next to Ana in Overwatch 2Epic Games / Blizzard

Overwatch 2 has plenty of fantastic skins, but up until now, none of them are yet to be fruit themed. Meet Banana Ana, a fanmade skin for the healing sniper.

Overwatch 2 has plenty of great skins, with the art team absolutely killing cosmetics each and every time. With skins being consistently released in the shop, as well as for events and battle passes, Overwatch is constantly being treated to fresh skins.

We received Cyberpunk-themed skins throughout Season 1, and now with several events and a whole new season later, we’ve gotten mighty Greek mythology-themed skins. However, one skin line that Blizzard has yet to make is for fruits.

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Fortunately, a rather creative player by the name of Evanyla has decided to fill in the gaps for Blizzard, and present us with quite possibly the best-named skin in Overwatch, Banana Ana.

banana ana fan skin conceptOverwatch Cavalry
The Banana Ana skin could one day be real if there’s enough demand from the community.

Fortnite players will feel right at home with Banana Ana, coming right from Peely in Fortnite. Unfortunately, Banana Ana looks a little less ripe than Peely as Ana is essentially wearing an entire banana peel over her head.

However, players have commented that this skin could potentially be pay to lose, as the banana peel could attract a potential monkey to their location.

On a more serious note though, players are enticed by the idea of jokes skins potentially coming to Overwatch 2 and would be a great addition to the game’s anniversary event or an upcoming season.

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We’re yet to see if Blizzard will listen to fans about this one, but there’s definitely a possibility that we could see some fruit skins come to Overwatch 2 sometime in the future.