Overwatch 2 player accidentally enables friendly fire after punching Wrecking Ball

Blizzard Entertainment

Due to a particularly goofy interaction between Wrecking Ball and Doomfist’s charged-up Rocket Punch, a very unfortunate player discovered that it’s possible to friendly fire a teammate with Wrecking Ball.

Wrecking Ball has come back into the Overwatch 2 meta in a big way since his Season 3 buffs. The once low-tier hero has weaseled his way right up to the top of the tank meta, with good Ball players terrorizing the backline and making it look easy.

His high movement speed and ability to disrupt fights by knocking enemies out of the way are key parts of why Wrecking Ball is so strong, but hitting the speed threshold to do damage and knock enemies away is harder than it looks. Especially for newer Ball players.

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However, a very unfortunate Doomfist player found out that there’s more than one way to give Wrecking Ball enough momentum to tear through a firefight.

Overwatch 2 player pinballs Wrecking Ball right into his team

Under normal circumstances, Wrecking Ball has to use his grappling hook in order to gain enough momentum to do damage by colliding with other players.

However, a Doomfist player made the very unfortunate discovery that his charged Rocket Punch has enough oomph behind it to trigger Wrecking Ball’s enhanced state of movement.

In what may be one of the only ways to teamkill in Overwatch 2, one punch sent a Ball careening toward a Reaper player who could never have seen it coming.

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This isn’t technically friendly fire considering the ball itself killed Reaper, but it’s about as close to friendly fire as you can get in Overwatch 2.

Additionally, this isn’t the only way to friendly fire as a result of bumping Ball into others. Very few knockbacks in Overwatch 2 have enough strength to break the movement speed threshold required to do damage, but Pharah’s knockback can do the job.

On paper, Doomfist is one of the counters to Wrecking Ball and has the potential to peel him away from the backline. In practice, things might not go so well if an unlucky teammate is standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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