Overwatch 2 officially adds scoreboard replacing medal system and players love it

Overwatch 2 heroesBlizzard

As Overwatch 2’s beta is finally available to a select number of participants, fans noticed a ton of changes, with one being the inclusion of a redesigned scoreboard.

The wait is finally over: Overwatch 2’s beta version is here, and players who received a beta key can now experience the next generation of Blizzard Entertainment’s team-based shooter.

Blizzard has shown many changes in anticipation of Overwatch 2’s beta. Whether it’s been providing the community with a reworking of their favorite heroes and even new maps, the devs have not shied away from shaking up the status quo.

One of the many changes that fans could see firsthand during the beta was a redesigned scoreboard.

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Overwatch 2 heroes Blizzard Entertainment
A lot of characters, maps, and abilities were reworked for the sequel to Overwatch.

Overwatch 2 receives a redesigned scoreboard

Players were ecstatic to discover the scoreboard received a significant overhaul in the sequel to the team-based shooter.

As shown in a tweet by OverwatchNaeri, the updated menu now carries information regarding how many kills players/teams have, who is granting the most healing buffs, which player has dealt the most damage, and the most assists during the game.

Just below that information, the player who pulled up the scoreboard menu will be able to track their individual stats, as well.

Design-wise, Overwatch 2’s in-game stat menu seemingly mimics Heroes of the Storm, as the characters are now categorized from the tank, DPS, and the healing/support.

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Players react  to Overwatch 2 scoreboard

Within Overwatch 1, players were only allowed to learn who was on fire, how many medals players acquired, and a glimpse into what they had managed to do pull off during that match.

While some players were worried that this would cause some toxicity, especially with deaths being made public, the vast majority of Overwatch 2 players praised the change.

“Been wishing for this since OW1 launched!” one exclaimed on Reddit. “No more whining or lying about medals.”

Overwatch 2 cinematicBlizzard
Overwatch finally has a scoreboard.

“It will honestly be so nice when people freak out that the healers aren’t healing and I’ll be able to point to the 12k healing on the scoreboard while pointing out their low damage and high deaths,” another replied.

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However, some have voiced concern about showing enemy damage and healing, believing that it could be used to help track their ultimate charge.

“My only worry is being able to see enemy damage dealt since ultimate charge works like a score equal to the amount of damage you do,” a player pondered.

As the beta continues to make its rounds through the community, it’ll be interesting to see what other changes were made and how they impact the quality of the game going forward.

Additional reporting by Dexerto’s Michael Gwilliam