Overwatch 2 Mercy bug saves allies when players leave games

Blizzard Entertainment

In what is the ultimate form of self-sacrifice in Overwatch 2, a Mercy bug allows her to fully heal allies when she leaves the game.

Support players haven’t been too keen on the state of Overwatch 2, especially with Season 2’s Doomfist buffs making support harder to play than ever before.

While some nerfs to Doomfist and Ana buffs on the December 15 patch certainly helped with these problems, support continues to be the least played role in Overwatch 2.

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Now, Mercy players have a new option to maximize their healing: leaving the game.

Mercy bug in Overwatch 2 lets her make the ultimate sacrifice

Overwatch 2 has had its fair share of bugs that range from game-breaking enough to force heroes to be removed from the game for extended periods of time, to visual bugs that are ultimately inconsequential.

This Mercy bug falls somewhere in between. It’s useful in some ways, but not enough of an issue to require her being removed like Bastion or Mei.

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As support player and Overwatch 2 streamer mL7 found out, in a very specific scenario, Mercy can fully heal allies by leaving the game.

Fortunately, this bug only works if the person playing Mercy ceases to exist. This can be achieved by either leaving the game or by swapping heroes, the latter of which has potential use cases in very specific situations.

While this is a peculiar interaction, it remains to be seen whether or not this bug is deemed worth trying to patch out of the game for Blizzard. But it is, in mL7’s eyes, an apt allegory for what it’s like to play support in Overwatch 2.

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In a clip from mL7’s on-stream moment of showing off this bug, he mocked Blizzard for the current state of the game.

“Literally the best way to play support in Season 2 of Overwatch is to alt f4. Congratulations, Blizzard.”

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