Overwatch 2 menu concept would be a small but perfect change for players

Overwatch Kings RowBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 hype is expected to snowball with the return of developer updates from the team, and one fan has hand-picked a feature Blizzard should consider while it’s still in development.

Despite not even being released yet, Overwatch 2 has quite the rocky history. With even the 2022 release date under scrutiny after recent comments from new Overwatch Director, Aaron Keller, fans may be waiting even longer than they first thought.

Coming to the rescue, though, is the PvP livestream that will be taking place on May 20, which will give fans a little more insight into the current status of the game.

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The excitement around the two hour presentation has got fans thinking about what they want to see in the iconic FPS sequel, and one player has outlined an easy feature that would make the menu screen more customizable.

Overwatch 2 cinematicBlizzard
Fans have been waiting for Overwatch 2 for a while now, and they’ve had a lot of time to think.

Overwatch fan comes up with menu concept

Taking to Reddit to discuss features that they want implemented in the current title, one player has suggested making the menu screen more customizable.

While during events or new OWL skin releases there’s a set background when you load into the main screen, when it comes to the down states between events you get a random hero and map as your backdrop.

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One player wants a simple fix: “I’d love it if we could just… choose, yknow.” Noting that they want to see “King’s Row every time [they] boot up the game. Or Horizon,” they suggest implementing a feature that lets the background “cycle between the two.”

While they claim that the feature is “a stupid thing to want,” and that the extra degree of customization lets you feel like you have a little bit more of a say about what happens in-game.

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Other players have given the idea their backing, with another writing that it would “take a half a day for an intern to be honest,” and would be a “good learning experience.”

Whether or not this concept makes it into Overwatch 2 remains to be seen, but it would be fun to create loads of different custom background varieties to cycle through. Sombra on Dorado, anyone?

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