Overwatch 2 streamers concerned with Lifeweaver’s low healing after early playtests

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Following early playtests for Overwatch 2’s next update, a few streamers have expressed concerns about Lifeweaver’s healing abilities.

Blizzard Entertainment recently unveiled Lifeweaver as Overwatch’s 37th hero. The new Support character will join the ever-growing roster in the coming days on April 11.

Like every other Support hero in the series, healing counts among the most critical of Lifeweaver’s various abilities. For example, his primary weapon is a Healing Blossom, which can hone in on and heal allies in need.

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Lifeweaver’s Parting Gift passive leaves behind items upon his death that will boost the health of anyone who picks them up. While these skills seem solid on paper, players who experienced the new character in playtests have shared their doubts.

Overwatch 2 fans aren’t confident in Lifeweaver’s healing abilities

Twitch streamer Flats explained that Lifeweaver’s healing works by the user holding healing to charge up, then unleashing it in a burst fire-like fashion on a target. “This healing… f***ing sucks,” the content creator told viewers during a recent stream.

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“It takes, like, two seconds or more to hit [targets] with one 65 healing burst.” Flats goes on to call it some of the worst healing in Overwatch, with characters like Lucio and Mercy packing support abilities that have a “way higher potential.”

Another Twitch streamer, Seagull, doesn’t seem too thrilled about Lifeweaver’s healing in Overwatch 2, either. The player argues that Lifeweaver may be the brand’s “most clunky character” to date.

Seagull noted, “I think they realized they put themselves in a problem with this character because they added one more ability than they have keybinds for. And so because of that, they just gave Lifeweaver another weapon.”

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According to the streamer, Lifeweaver’s one of the few heroes that users will constantly need to weapon swap with when healing or dealing damage.

With Moira, for instance, left-clicking performs one function while right-clicking performs another. Lifeweaver requires constant switching back and forth to unleash his healing and damage-dealing capabilities.

Players can test Lifeweaver’s various skills for themselves when Overwatch 2 Season 4 arrives on Tuesday, April 11.

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