Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver gets shamed by enemy team after ruining teammate’s ult

lifeweaver pointing in overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment

A Lifeweaver player in Overwatch 2 was left to rue the big mistake they made during a game. Their actions hindered a teammate’s Reaper Ultimate, leaving both teams disappointed in the Lifeweaver and making the player pay.

Lifeweaver content is the gift that keeps on giving in Blizzard’s Overwatch 2. In just a few short weeks, we’ve seen a smorgasbord of clips relating to the new Support Hero. From saving the lives of players who were certain to die to selfishly using teammates as bait to avoid death themselves, Lifeweaver is a treasure.

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Now, a new clip has surfaced showing that Lifeweaver can actually be counter-productive in trying to save teammates. During a tense section of combat, a Reaper player was left bemused by the actions of a Lifweaver teammate. Despite their best efforts to repent, the Lifeweaver player was actually ganged up on by the enemy team as a punishment.

Lifeweaver costs team and ends up paying the price in Overwatch 2

“I’m so sorry Reaper,” were the words offered by one Overwatch 2 player. Reddit user DoMIniK090 held up their hands and acknowledged that they were in the wrong – with an attached video showing why.

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During a game of Control on the Ilios map, the player, using Lifeweaver, saw their Reaper teammate in the heart of the action and in need of medical attention. The OP swiftly pulled them from the action, but just as they did that, the Reaper had activated their Ultimate ability and was likely about to wipe out multiple enemy players.

Instead, the now-whisked-away Reaper was left to look at Lifeweaver with complete ambivalence. Realizing what they had done, the Support character offered the most apologetic heal imaginable, even though Reaper now had full health, and looked down at the floor to symbolize their regret.

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While both players stood there, the enemy team rushed over to confront Reaper and the Lifeweaver. Also understanding what had just happened, the enemy team’s Echo proceeded to eliminate the Lifeweaver – while the OP, and Reaper, stood there and watched.

“The way they just stand there and let it happen lmao. Accept your punishment haha,” said one commenter, and another added: “I’m loving that even the other team was shaming you.”

It seems other players are enjoying the presence of Lifeweaver with one user declaring the Hero to be “The ultimate troll Hero.”

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It’s nice to see the spotlight back on the game for positive reasons after the recent D.Va glitch that increased her weapon fire rate, as well as the game-breaking Sigma bug.

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