Overwatch 2 jokingly reworks Cassidy’s nade to a Mei-seeking missile

Cassidy holding a grenadeBlizzard

The devs for Overwatch 2 have jokingly reworked Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade to a missile which specifically targets Mei no matter where she is. 

A meme shared on the Facebook Overwatch Memes group had a pretty funny idea. User Nick Fields decided to sarcastically share that Blizzard had reworked Cassidy’s Magnetic Grenade. 

Instead of sticking into an enemy in its travel area throughout its 13 meter range and exploding for 131 damage as it normally does. It would now have infinite range, deal 250 damage, and immediately fly to Mei wherever she is on the map. 

As an added bonus, not only will the Mei die, but the player will have their game automatically uninstalled from their PC. 

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“Sounds like they are finally listening to the community.” the user sarcastically wrote. Little did he know, an Overwatch dev saw his meme and decided to make it into reality.

In a tweet from Overwatch’s official Twitter account, they showed a video of just that. Cassidy’s nade transformed into a Mei-seeking missile. Even recreating the drawing’s example in-game on Shambali Monestary. 

Vice President of Blizzard, Jon Spector, jokingly commented “Don’t let your memes be dreams!” He continued, “we were unable to add the part where it uninstalls the game, but otherwise hope it’s everything Nick was thinking of.”

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And the Overwatch League Twitter jokingly approved it for competitive play

Of course, this will never be added to the game, but it is a funny thought that the game devs actually took time from their day to work on it. 

This is all part of Blizzard’s current plan to pivot Overwatch to a more wacky side. With Season 3 filled with surprises, such as a dating sim, we can only expect a good gag for April fools day. 

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