Overwatch 2 might be bringing Hanamura back as players demand its return

overwatch 2 HanamuraActivision Blizzard

Blizzard developers previously hinted at the return of classic 2CP maps, yet Overwatch 2 players have especially expressed an interest in playing on Hanamura again.

The vast majority of Overwatch maps entered the rotation for the recently released sequel. However, a select few Assault-based play spaces aren’t accessible in competitive and quick play matches.

Said maps include the likes of Hanamura, the Temple of Anubis, and Volskaya Industries. Not all hope is lost on this front, though.

Speaking with Polygon several weeks ago, Art Director Dion Rogers said setting aside the Assault maps was a “tough” call. But because each locale is so deeply tied to Overwatch lore, the team hopes to eventually revisit them.

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Overwatch 2 players really miss Hanamura

Rogers told Polygon that Blizzard especially wants to explore Hanamura again, “as either a new map that uses a similar aesthetic or another section of Hanamura.”

This should come as good news to Overwatch 2 users who miss the “aesthetically pleasing” locale. In a Reddit thread that now boasts more than 19,000 upvotes, skellyboi04 sparked discussion about Hanamura’s hopeful return.

Most players in the thread tend to agree that Hanamura belongs in Overwatch 2’s regular map rotation. Even those who weren’t fond of its troublesome choke points want to see it resurface in some capacity.

Of course, plenty of Redditors remain puzzled about why some maps were sidelined at all. The hope is that even more of Overwatch’s classic locations will reenter the pool for quick play and competitive game modes.

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While players await for such additions, several other issues in Overwatch 2 demand attention, as well. For example, some ultimate moves were so botched that Blizzard had to disable characters like Bastion.

Server and lag-related troubles continue to plague the experience, too. Players can only hope these problems won’t persist for too much longer.