Overwatch 2 Game Director explains when Roadhog will finally be nerfed

Roadhog on havanaBlizzard Entertainment

The latest Overwatch 2 patch introduced a new event and some interesting buffs to the game’s heroes, but Roadhog is still a menace in ranked and will continue to be for a little bit longer.

Prior to the patch, the devs revealed that they have some major plans for the gigantic meat shield in a future update that will take away Roadhog’s ability to one-shot squishy targets.

While a “soft rework” is still on the way for Roadhog, fans were disappointed to learn that he didn’t receive a single change in the January 5 Battle for Olympus update.

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According to Game Director Aaron Keller, the reason the latest patch seems small is because many of its planned changes already went live prior, even though the Roadhog adjustments were teased for December.

roadhog nerfed in ow2Blizzard Entertainment
Roadhog is getting some huge nerfs, but they’re still a bit away.

Devs explain why Roadhog wasn’t nerfed latest OW2 update

In a post on Twitter, Keller revealed that some of the changes, such as the buffs to Ana, had been added in the December patch.

When it comes to Roadhog, the Game Director shared an update with fans: “Also, a friendly reminder that the scheduled changes to Roadhog are not part of today’s patch and are slated for mid to late January.”

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As some users have pointed out, however, Keller previously indicated that nerfs to Roadhog were intended for the December patch.

Hours before the December update went live, Lead Hero Designer Alec Dawson revealed on Twitch that the devs had some technical difficulties implementing the Hog changes and that’s why they were originally delayed.

Regardless, unless there are further complications, it seems like we can expect some long-awaited Roadhog nerfs later this month as part of the mid-season patch.

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Whether or not Hog will still remain a viable hero choice after his big changes remains completely unknown.

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