Overwatch 2 Feb 21 patch notes: Symmetra fixes & Legacy Credits update

Symmetra is a defensive specialist in Overwatch 2.Blizzard

Overwatch 2’s February 21 patch notes aren’t as expansive as the Season 3 update but there are still some important details to look over, including a pair of fixes for Symmetra and a change to Legacy Credits.

Overwatch 2 Season 3 arrived on February 7 and brought a whole host of changes to the game. From a new map to a Mercy rework, most of the biggest things were implemented with the arrival of the new era.

This time around, the devs were able to get into more of the nitty-gritty and make small adjustments to improve the quality of life overall.

The biggest standouts are the two fixes to Symmetra, which brought the reality-bending defensive legend back up to her intended speed and power.

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This was done by updating the slow cast time for Photon Barrier, and by allowing her to place new Sentry Turrets if they were destroyed by the environment. Neither of these features was working as intended prior to updates between Season 3 and now.

The other highlight is a color change to the secondary in-game currency, Legacy Credits, which will now be silver instead of gold inside the battle pass.

Here are the rest of the patch notes for the February 7 update:

Overwatch 2 Feb 7 full patch notes


  • Modified the way Streamer Protect obfuscates Battle Tags
  • Fixed a bug that caused Loverwatch player titles to not display
  • Fixed an issue in the career profile where it displayed blank rankings for Competitive Role Queue
  • Fixed an issue where if you owned all items in the Hero Pack, the price would display as 0.00
  • Fixed an issue with the Season 3 banner not displaying when a player first logs into the game this season
  • Challenges with multiple sub-criteria should now track correctly (For example – All-Star, Role Mastery, etc.)
  • Mastery of Love and Blushing Pink event challenges now correctly display the 5000 XP reward gained from completing the challenges. (Note: If you completed these challenges before this update, you already received your XP. This was a visual issue only.)
  • Fixed a visual issue during Competitive Updates for players in Top 500
  • Fixed a bug where mouse sensitivity values with a decimal would be rounded to a whole number
  • Fixed a bug where players would end up with a negative balance after making a purchase
  • Legacy Credits in the Battle Pass are now silver instead of gold



  • Echo will no longer revert to their original form when duplicating Junkrat during Rip-Tire


  • Fixed in a previous update – Fixed the cast time for Symmetra’s Photon Barrier being too long
  • Fixed in a previous update – Fixed an issue where Symmetra would lose the ability to cast new Sentry Turrets if they were destroyed by the environment