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Overwatch 2 fans disappointed with long-awaited Sojourn reveal: “What a joke”

Published: 15/Apr/2022 14:29

by Connor Bennett


Overwatch fans have expressed their dismay at Blizzard’s reveal of Sojourn as they failed to show true gameplay of Overwatch 2’s new hero.

The excitement surrounding Overwatch 2 has been bubbling ever since Blizzard first announced that they would be releasing a follow-up to the supremely Overwatch title.

After the game was first announced back in November of 2019, things have gone slower than fans would like, but the devs have dropped some new details about gameplay changes, the PvE side of the new game, and character overhauls.

With a beta period, finally, on the horizon, Blizzard have confirmed that Sojourn – Overwatch’s first Canadian hero – will be joining the mix. The devs have revealed plenty about her lore and abilities too, and shown off a brief bit of gameplay, but fans aren’t too pleased by how things went down.


Sojourn in Overwatch
While Sojourn can’t climb walls like Genji or Hanzo, her slide and leap abilities certainly make her an agile hero.

On April 14, the Overwatch developers dropped a short gameplay trailer and held a community Q&A regarding Sojourn, but it fell short of fan expectations.

“Did Blizzard just actually do an hour live stream of a new hero without showing gameplay?” asked Redditor TheBiggestCarl23. “And then ending it with “just wait a couple more weeks?” I thought they learned, guess not.” Plenty agreed, too. “I stuck around the whole hour, and felt disappointed by the time it was over,” added one disappointed player.

“Talking about Sojourn and her race n backstory is important, as OW has always had about a diverse cast. But like at least talk about her abilities, and how she functions in OW2 against other heroes,” b4trik stated. “Blizzard said the Sojourn short and this stream today took months to accomplish. What a joke,” commented another.


Did blizzard just actually do an hour livestream of a new hero without showing gameplay? from Competitiveoverwatch

As others stated, though, the devs fulfilled what they promised with a trailer, and it may have been a case of players building up their own hype and being let down as their expectations weren’t met.

With more details and streams to come down the line, it remains to be seen if Blizzard will win over the players left disappointed this time around.