Overwatch 2 expert explains why Cassidy’s ult misses so often


An Overwatch 2 expert, Marblr, has revealed why Cassidy’s Deadeye ultimate seemingly misses so often, even when it indicates an instant headshot, and how the misleading prompt can occur. 

Have you ever used Cassidy’s Deadeye and somehow missed a shot that should have hit the enemy’s head? Well, Marblr, an expert on Overwatch 2’s mechanics, decided to explore it and explain it all in a new video

Deadeye is the name of the ult for Cassidy, and it has been the subject of many confusing missed shots. The ult essentially locks on to six targets in your line of sight and headshots them. However, not all goes to plan when you pull the trigger.

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How does Deadeye miss in Overwatch 2?

As Marblr explains, to understand why it misses so much, you first have to know what hardpoints are. Hardpoints are invisible attachment points on character models where objects can be attached to. There are various ones on each Hero, such as for your nametag, weapon, and mouth for voice lines. 

Cassidy’s ult utilizes these hardpoints, according to the expert. Deadeye uses three different hardpoints on the enemy model to determine if a target is shootable.

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The hardpoints it utilizes are located at the chest (named hardpoint 1), another slightly above the chest, and lastly near the knees. It also uses a hardpoint on the head of the model, but it’s only for the indicator. 

Youtube: Marblr
Just because there is a skull indicator, does not mean the shot will hit.

The problem is, Deadeye only needs one of these hardpoints to be in line of sight, which will trigger the indicator for a headshot. And to actually deal damage, you need to be able to shoot at hardpoint 1.

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This means a skull indicator on Deadeye does not result in a guaranteed hit on the target each and every time. 

Deadeye can still miss point-blank targets

So the fix is simple right? Just make sure an enemy is in full view. But even then, as Marblr demonstrated, you can still miss a shot on an open target.

In it, he shows examples of the ult missing point-blank targets. Such as a Mercy flying in the open, a Sojourn sliding, Lucio wallride, or Cassidy rolling away. The reason is an odd mixture of latency issues and hardpoint resets, of which Marblr himself even admits to not fully understanding. 

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But the general gist is that when an enemy suddenly moves, their hardpoint which Deadeye aims for rapidly moves along with them. If you had close to zero ping, you will always be able to hit the shot on the moving target. But not everyone is so lucky with their connection.

Youtube: Marblr
It may seem like Cassidy’s Deadeye hit the flying Mercy, but in reality, it completely missed.

If you have anything above 60ms of ping, the chances of you hitting the shot significantly decrease due to the 60-millisecond delay of your input. Your original shot will most likely hit where the hardpoint originally was, and the odds are stacked against you, even more, the higher your ping goes. 

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So what is the solution? Well, Marblr recommends to just not use Deadeye when you have high ping. In fact, he suggest not even using it to shoot anyone, just use it for its instant reload.

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