Overwatch 2 devs weigh in on possibility of future transgender hero

overwatch 2 trans heroBlizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 devs say they’re “actively” discussing adding a transgender hero to the game either as a new character or a future rework.

Overwatch 2 is celebrating its first-ever Pride event on June 1 with some major cosmetic items, a short story and map features.

The roster of Overwatch 2 has grown to become extremely inclusive, boasting a cast characters from a variety of backgrounds and sexualities, but currently, none of its heroes are transgender.

During a recent interview, we asked the developers if they were ever considering adding a transgender character, or potentially even modifying an existing hero to become transgender as part of a rework.

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Overwatch 2 devs “actively” talking about transgender hero

According to Senior Narrative Designer Jen Stacey, the team is “always” thinking about new ways to add representation in the game – and trans representation is no exception.

“That’s definitely a conversation we have on this team, and it’s something that matters to us,” she added.

When it comes to a future trans hero or reworking a current one, however, the dev teased that one could be on the way… or at least, there have been talks about implementing one.

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roadhog nerfed in ow2Blizzard Entertainment
Could Roadhog end up being transgender?

“I can’t talk too much about our future development plans for any of our heroes. Definitely know that’s something we think about and talk about,” she explained.

Of course, this isn’t a guarantee that a transgender hero is in the works, but it does indicate that there is a desire to add one at some point. That said, the devs have made it clear that any such hero wouldn’t be added just for the sake of having one.

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“No hero that we’re creating in Overwatch that’s upcoming is created just to check a box. We’re creating them to tell a story,” Stacey further explained.

We do know that there are some reworks coming up for Roadhog and Sombra, and it would certainly be quite the twist if one of them ends up being trans in a future season.

As far as new heroes go, Season 6 will be introducing a support while Season 8 will finally add another tank to the mix. It’s anyone’s guess who they will be, but we shouldn’t have to wait too long to find out.

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