Overwatch 2 devs think game is most balanced it has ever been


Overwatch 2 developer Aaron Keller revealed in a recent blog post that the Overwatch development team believes the game’s “balance is the best it’s been since the launch of OW2.

Balancing in Overwatch 2 has been quite a controversial topic, with plenty of players complaining about the state of Roadhog who had the ability to ‘one-shot’ most characters in the game, Sojourn has also become a hotly debated hero when it comes to balancing since her release.

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In a recent blog post, Aaron Keller discussed the hero balance and matchmaking of Overwatch 2, stating that the dev team “hear[d] from players that balance is the best it’s been since the launch of OW2.”

“We feel that the start of Season 3 is in a much better state of balance than the start of Season 2,” Aaron himself stated in the blog post.

Overwatch 2 devs happy with the current balance of the game

Overwatch Cavalry reported on this blog post on Twitter which allowed the player base of the game to share their feedback.

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The opinions on that topic are varied since every player’s experience is different and modified by who they play the most, what rank they are, who they run into in the game etc.

“Pfft as if sojourn isn’t still doing 195 headshots with no buffs,” comments one user. Followed by another voice of frustration with the current balance: “Hammond needs a buff reverted or two, he’s so annoying.”

But there are players who are mostly happy with the current balance just like the developers.

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“Honestly this is probably one of the best balance states for the game in a while,” comments a player happy with the state of the game. Echoed by another reply that reads: “I actually think it hit a sort of balance atm, no one character feels too oppressive.”

The Game Director also revealed changes coming to the matchmaking in the same blog post. Keller concluded that more changes would be coming in the next mid-season patch to further improve upon the game’s balance and matchmaking.

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