Overwatch 2 devs reveal rework plans for Brigitte and Ramattra’s ultimates

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Overwatch 2’s Lead Hero Designer has shared plans to rework ultimates for both Ramattra and Brigitte in a future update, but fans will have to wait a bit for the support changes to go live.

A new Overwatch 2 patch is among us, finally introducing some long-awaited nerfs to Roadhog and Sojourn. While players are excited about the changes, not present in the update was an anticipated rework to Brigitte.

A Brigitte rework has been talked about for quite some time and although the devs have remained mum about exact details, in a recent Twitch interview, Alec Dawson explained that work was underway.

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That’s not all, either. Ramattra’s ultimate, Annihilation, is also getting some worked on as the devs aren’t happy with it potentially lasting forever, especially against another Ramattra using their ultimate ability while blocking.

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Brigitte changes are on the way, but players will have to wait a bit.

Brigitte Overwatch 2 rework planned for Season 4

Speaking with Emongg and Flats on Twitch, Dawson revealed that Brigitte’s rework wasn’t coming in Season 3, but things were “looking good” for Season 4.

According to the hero designer, the changes are big and require a lot of VFX work that takes quite a bit of time.

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The new ultimate is planned to replace Rally and is much more than just some number adjustments, like changing how much damage Soldier 76’s primary fire does.

Although Dawson didn’t give more details about what they have planned for Brig, it seems like updates to Ramattra’s ultimate will be coming much sooner.

Ramattra ultimate changes revealed for upcoming OW2 patch

On top of the planned Briggite changes, the devs want to make some updates to Ramattra’s ultimate and how it functions.

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“We’re not completely happy with the ultimate, especially with how long it can go on with the infinite duration, so we’ll be putting a cap in there,” Dawson explained. “Also some changes to how it works and how long the ult itself is lasting.”

The dev noted that the ultimate could end up ticking down even when enemies are being damaged by it – a big change to how it currently functions.

Dawson gave no ETA on the upcoming Ramattra update, but considering it’s not as severe as Brigitte’s rework, there should be a good chance we see it by the time Season 3 begins or shortly thereafter.

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