Overwatch 2 devs reveal how Hanamura & other 2CP maps could return

overwatch 2 hanzo on hanamuraBlizzard Entertainment

While Overwatch’s 2CP maps remain some of the game’s most controversial, the dev team working on OW2 have revealed they may return in an all-new mode.

If there’s one thing that has divided the Overwatch community, it’s assault maps. Colloquially known as 2CP because of their two different control points, players appealed to Blizzard to remove them from the Ranked rotation – and remove Paris entirely.

While these have been scrapped for new mode Push in the game’s highly anticipated sequel, Overwatch 2, the devs have long been hinting that we may see them return in some shape or form in the next installment’s lifecycle.

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One suggestion is to integrate them into an entirely optional game mode – and it looks like that may be exactly what Blizzard is planning.

overwatch paris 2cp mapBlizzard Entertainment
Despite being the city of romance, very few players fell in love with Overwatch’s iteration of Paris.

Overwatch 2 devs want to “repurpose” 2CP maps

During a Reddit AMA, one player asked “what are your plans regarding maps that will go unused once OW2 launches publicly, such as Temple of Anubis and Hanamura? Will they be repurposed/extended into other existing game modes?

“In a similar beat, are there plans to reintegrate and rework maps like Paris or Horizon Lunar Colony to fit the molds of other game modes as well?”

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Overwatch 2 Systems Designer, Winter, was quick to respond. “I have some ideas I’d love to try when it comes to repurposing them for new potential game modes,” they write, highlighting “these ideas could only see the light of day in the distant future given our current plans.

“If we did find a way to give them a new mode we’d want to do extensive testing in the Arcade or in other formats where we can get community feedback. We know how divisive Assault (2CP) was for much of our player base and we agree that it had issues, so we wouldn’t bring these maps back without a lot of testing.”

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When asked about the Escort version of Hanamura seen in the game’s trailer, they responded “we do not have a payload version of Hanamura. Converting these maps to payload would be a huge effort and it’s not one we’ve undertaken.

“The mode I’d like to prototype for an Assault replacement would need some of the tech we’re developing for the PvE side of OW2, but again that’s currently just a sparkle in my eye.”

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So while it looks like we won’t be seeing the return of the likes of Paris or Hanamura anytime soon, there are clear plans to try and bring these iconic locations into Overwatch 2.

So keep a weather eye on the Lunar horizon (get it?) Assault fans; your favorite maps may make it into OW2 after all.

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