Overwatch 2 devs confirm One Punch Man event will include free Legendary skin

Overwatch 2 One Punch Man headerBlizzard

The Overwatch 2 dev team have provided further insight into the upcoming One Punch Man event, revealing that players will be able to unlock a legendary skin from the event for free.

One of the newest content crossovers to arrive in Overwatch 2 is a collaboration with One Punch Man. Starting March 7 and running until April 6, fans will be able to partake in a special Seasonal Event where the worlds of Overwatch and One Punch Man will collide.

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As part of the collaboration, Overwatch players will be given the chance to get their hands on some brand-new skins and cosmetics all in the theme of the iconic One Punch Man franchise.

In an interview with ComicBook.com, Overwatch 2 Vice President and Art Director Jon Spector provided some new insight into the event and confirmed at least one Legendary skin will be available for free.

“We’ve picked out one of the legendary skins for the event and made that the reward for the challenges during the One Punch Man event so that all of the players have the ability to go in and earn one of the major skins from the collab.”

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Spector then added that all other skins and cosmetics “will be available in the shop.”

The hosts of the interview then asked the Vice President why the dev team chose to have the skin accessible in this manner. Comparing the approach to how other, similar live-service games typically make a reward like this available at the very last level of a Battle Pass.

“We have in Season 3, and I think this will come out soon as we’re showing off more of Season 3. One Punch Man for us is an event within this season but it’s not like the seasonal theme. And so we have a different Asian mythology and Asian Goddesses and Gods theme for Season 3 cosmetics more broadly.”

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