Overwatch 2 community baffled as “sexual harassment simulator” custom mode remains online

overwatch 2 cassidy/ mccreeBlizzard

Overwatch 2’s infamous ‘sexual harassment simulator’ custom mode has resurfaced after Blizzard’s attempt at permanently deleting the custom game mode clearly missed the mark.

It appears that Blizzard can’t seem to catch a break with Overwatch 2. From fans hitting out at “worthless events” to balancing issues aplenty, Overwatch 2 seems to trouble Blizzard every step of the way.

Now, a new ghoul has been reborn from the dead in the form of custom game modes for Overwatch 2, in particular, the infamous “sexual harassment simulator” has returned and is populating servers once again.

The game mode originally appeared in October of 2022 and caused severe outrage from the community. Now, only 2 months later, the game mode has risen from its grave to remind Blizzard like a bad omen.

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Ironically enough, it seems that the player base isn’t entirely against its reemergence. So much so that due to the popularity of the game mode, it’s appeared under the “Popular” tab of the custom game mode section.

Whilst originally confusing most of the player base upon seeing its return, many fans immediately went back to trolling on the game mode. Several users began making jokes about Blizzard’s past sexual harassment allegations whilst referring to a map in-game.

It seems that while the game mode has definitely caused outrage for some, other parts of the player base are still engaging with the custom playlist despite its nature.

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There’s a good chance that Blizzard will take down the custom game once again, and will likely implement more fixes to ensure that game modes of an unsafe or unfriendly nature do not appear within Overwatch 2. However, there’s no telling if this particular game mode will manage to resurrect itself again in the future.