Overwatch 2 chat bug is buying skins without players even realizing

Overwatch 2 skinsBlizzard

An Overwatch 2 chat bug is causing players to accidentally purchase skins, leaving them with purchases that can’t be refunded. 

The launch of Overwatch 2 has been far from smooth. So far, there have been a number of server problems and other issues that have stopped players from accessing the game. However, a new chat-related bug is proving to be one of the most frustrating. 

Acquiring in-game currency can take a while in Overwatch 2, especially if you’re a new player who has very limited funds. Even if you complete the Overwatch 2 weekly challenges and rank up the Battle Pass, you’ll still need to save up your Overwatch coins/Legacy credits to be able to buy the best skins.

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This makes the chat bug particularly frustrating, particularly given that it can force players to purchase a skin they don’t even want. 

Overwatch 2 bug force players to purchase skins

One Overwatch 2 player took to the official Overwatch Reddit page, where they explained what causes this particular issue to occur. According to the user, the accidental purchase of skins stems from the in-game chat function. 

“It appears to have been caused by a bug where text typed into the chat is occasionally misinterpreted by the game as input for navigating the menu,” they said. “Unfortunately, unlocking a skin only takes two presses of the spacebar, something that can happen in a split second when you’re pressing it dozens of times per sentence.”

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Kiriko in Overwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment
This particular Overwatch 2 bug is proving costly.

The player reached out to Blizzard but was unfortunately told that they would not be able to refund the in-game currency used to purchase the skin, even if it was caused by an in-game chat bug. 

“I might’ve got lucky that the bug only lost me a meager 300 Legacy credits, but the worst-case scenario is that this bug could unexpectedly unlock a legendary skin for someone using their premium currency,” noted the player. 

For now, it’s best to avoid using the in-game chat while in the hero gallery until Blizzard fixes this issue. Hopefully, the developers can address this issue quickly before more players are affected.

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